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After a very long time I thought of writing for myself. I realised that, it took me a very long time to understand myself. Eating healthy is important.

After a very long time I thought of writing for myself.  I realised that, it took me a very long time to understand myself. Eating healthy is important. Continue reading “Hi From Soushma!!!”


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13e269e7dd2189555144fd97b22322e4At the millennium, I flew from Manhattan to live in Dharamsala, home of the exiled Tibetans in the foothills of the Himalayas. Months later, my precious Micron laptop (it was the rare person who owned a laptop in those days) was stolen right out of my apartment, along with the backup disks. In one fell swoop, I had lost over ten years of my writing and research. I was, as you can imagine, devastated. (I plan to explain the fascinating series of events that led to this theft in another article, but right now all I want to do is share with you what one high lama said to me in the aftermath of this mini disaster.)

A little background, so you can empathize with just how terrible I felt: I had left Manhattan after selling my beautiful apartment. Word spread that I was a “rich foreigner” and so I…

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Dealing with Darkness, a year later, two years in fact…

In your photographs you have the light in the darkness 🙂

Ojo De Piedra - Eye of Stone.

How many months or years can a photography project take?, is there a point where one can say “it’s done”?

Luckily in this dehumanized world some still keep their promises (though it took me longer than I expected).

Several weeks ago (in fact months) I told in a previous post I was going to share in this journal images about the toughest times since I suffered a second deep dive into the darkness of depression and anxiety which became the most evident around the end of November 2016 (to know more, please take a look at my post Taking off the Mask ). The hardest times I went through took place between the following December 2016 and January and February 2017. Two years later I’m still on the way to recovery, my life would seem normal from a distance however the process continues. Well, as part of this process…

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What I Eat Everyday For Glowy Skin — the collagen glow

My obsession with skincare started when I got burned from a cooking accident. The oil melted the skin off both of my arms instantly, and I had to turn to prescription ointment and silicone patches, only to find none of it really did much for me. Unimpressed by the options out there, I ended up taking […]

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Constructive Arguing: “Those who dont’ do…” — LIFE’S RECIPE BOOK

How often has it happened that you end up in an argument; be it with your significant other, a friend, a family member or a colleague; and you just can’t seem to get your messages across or you struggle in finding an effective resolution for an often simple situation? I’m a bit of a hypocrite […]

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“Box in….Box out”: Tips when Moving House — LIFE’S RECIPE BOOK

Described as one of the top ten most stressful life events, everyone will experience moving at one point in their life, however big or small (voluntary or not). Although there is always a thrill in packing up and starting something new; along usually come some of the frustrations in getting the job done. Coming from […]

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Ginger Tofu & Mango Salad — LIFE’S RECIPE BOOK

I have a few posts in-progress, but as I attempt to turn the verbal slush into a coherent post, I’ll distract you with another delicious and healthy recipe instead 😉 Neither my husband nor I are huge fans of tofu.. but this was actually not too bad (340 cal). – 125g tofu – 25g fresh […]

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“Sh*t Your Pants Airlines” : The illogical logic around my fear of flying — LIFE’S RECIPE BOOK

Ever since my early teens, I’ve had a strong fear of flying. It could have been caused by the very bad storm we flew through when I was 14 or perhaps it was that impending realisation that we’re being thrown from one place to another in a giant, metal box full of farts. Regardless, it […]

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Some Plants in Illinois have Eyes!…

If you don’t like to be stared at, don’t come to rural Illinois! There are some rare plants here in rural Illinois that are sensitive to the touch and that are quickly evolving. At first, besides their sensitivity to touch, they began […]

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High as a Hike

Hiking is kinda a love or hate thing. You either love the early wake-up calls, toe blisters, the totally adorable hiking boots, and dirt in every crevice, or you despise it. There really isn’t an in between. I, for one, love hiking. I used to hike maybe once a year with my family to work off […]

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